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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a list of the most common questions we get asked

Art Work
Tattoo Aftercare
General Information


Where are you based?

I am working in Whakatane, New Zealand.

Is there a waiting list to get a design drawn up for a tattoo?

I am no longer taking on any more design work for tattoos. There may be random openings so please send through a message to see new available times.

Im coming to New Zealand for a holiday can I book in with you for when I'm back?

Yes, however I only book tattoos 2 months in advance.



How much will it cost?

The cost of the tattoo depends on the size and how long it will take to complete it. 

Do you charge by size? 

For all ink work I have a flat hourly rate of 150NZD.

 Do you take payments in instalments? 


Will it hurt? 

Yes, however, everyone has different levels of pain tolerance.

Do you do coverups or fix ups?

No, I also do not fix up moko done by other Artists, please contact your original Artist instead.

Can I have family and friends to support me during my tattoo session? 

Yes! I am currently working from a small cabin. You are able to bring 1-2 support person/people with you during your session. 

How do I book in for a tattoo or consult? 

You can book in for a tattoo or consult here. In the 'Subject' box please state whether you were wanting to book in for a consultation, tattoo, ta moko or any other enquires. Alternatively you can send a message through Facebook or Instagram. 

To finalise your booking a 100NZD deposit is required to secure your session.

Refunds on your booking fee are only available if notice is given at least 48hours in advance or under certain circumstances. 


What do I need to do before my tattoo?

Make sure you have something to eat and wear comfortable clothing.


What happens on the day of my tattoo?

If you are getting a ta moko this will be drawn directly onto the skin. For all tattoo work a stencil or free hand drawing will be placed/drawn onto your skin until you are happy with the placement and size. 

Do you ever tattoo in Australia?


Do you have tattoo gift vouchers? 

Yes, I have e-vouchers available.

Can you design a piece for me to get tattooed from someone else?


Do you tattoo other peoples art work? Can I bring my own design for you to tattoo? 

No. I only tattoo my own designs. 

Do you tattoo your Atua illustrations?

Yes! I have already tattooed multiple Atua illustrations, however, each Atua can only be tattooed once.

These can be viewed here

How do I care for my tattoo? 


  • Have a warm shower once you get home. Have the running water wash over your tattoo to clean it. Avoid using any soap or loofahs and pat dry. 

  • I personally don't recommend using any topical treatments such as balms or creams. Your body knows how to heal itself and it will by forming a crust that eventually flakes off within 1-2 weeks

  • Wear loose clothing to allow ventilation, protection from the sun and to stop irritation and rubbing 

  • Assist your body healing by having warm showers daily without soaps or loofahs directly on your tattoo and always pat dry 

  • If possible, gently wash your tattoo at least twice a day for 1-3 days



  • Direct sun exposure - wear long sleeves etc

  • Submerging/soaking your tattoo in the bath, swimming pool, beach, river etc - the shower is fine

  • Rubbing/itching/picking your tattoo - this can remove ink pigment from your skin, this results in patchy healing

  • Using lotions, tanning products or shaving/waxing the tattooed area until it has fully peeled

If you are unsure or concerned with the healing of your tattoo please send me a message.



Do you tattoo your Atua illustrations?

Yes! I have already tattooed multiple Atua illustrations, however, each Atua can only be tattooed once.

These can be viewed here.

What are the names and stories of the Atua you have drawn?

If you are on your phone there is a + in the bottom right corner > then the names will show. If you are on a desktop either hover your mouse over the picture or right click it

Do you have any art for sale and how much does it cost?

Yes! There are Atua prints available here.

Do you do commissioned art work? e.g. pencil on paper, paint on canvas, murals, digital work. 

No, I am no longer taking on any commission work.

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