Hineraumati is the daughter of Tangaroa akiukiu and is a sister to Hinetakurua. She is known as the summer maiden, and like her sister she is a wife of the sun Tamanuiteraa. For half the year the sun travels far into space and spends the cold months with Hinetakurua. In early spring he returns to the earth and to his summer wife, Hineraumati, bringing warmth and life to the world. Hineraumati lives in the earth and is found in the warm and fertile soil of spring and summer. Hineraumati plays an important role in helping the many plants, trees and vegetables to germinate, grow and produce fruit. Working together with her husband who supplies warmth from above, Hineraumati transports nutrients from the ground to the roots of the plants. 

Hineraumati and Tamanuiteraa have a number of children, each of them appearing in the summer as a sign of the union of their parents. These children include Taanerore who is the deity of the shimmering heat waves seen on hot days, and Hae the Maaori spirit of pollen. Hineraumati is associated with warmth, soil, fertility, food and the bounty of the warm months.


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  • These are just my personal interpretations of what Atua could look like. They do not reflect the views and interpretations of all Maori people.