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Hinetakurua, or the winter maiden, is one of the wives of Tamanuiteraa the sun. She is the daughter of Tangaroa akiukiu and is a sister to Hineraumati. She is also personified by the star Sirius, which is the brightest star in the night sky. Together with Tamanuiteraa, Hinetakurua has a number of children, and each of them is connected to the afflictions of winter including frost, snow, cold winds and the hard frozen earth. Hinetakurua rises early in the morning sky on the eastern horizon during the winter, and her appearance brings that different elements of winter. Not long after she rises in the morning sky, the sun follows and together they spend the winter months in space far from earth. However, during the summer months the sun returns to his summer wife who lives on the earth, leaving Hinetakurua and her children. During this period Hinetakurua is seen alone in the night sky, and she look down upon the earth pining for her husband to return. Hinetakura is a very attractive women who wears a cap of snow and ice. She determines the harshness of winter every year. If she appears to shine brightly in the morning sky and moves sporadically a very cold and bitter day will follow.


  • Dimensions: A3 international paper size | 297 x 420 mm or 11.7 x 16.5 in

    Materials: Digital print on 300GSM double laid courier paper


    This item can only be shipped to New Zealand and Australia 

  • These are just my personal interpretations of what Atua could look like. They do not reflect the views and interpretations of all Maori people. 

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