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If you would like to book in for a Tā Moko please carefully read all information below before booking in:

  • Opening statement
    Kia ora and thank you for your interest in getting mataora. It’s beautiful to see the reclamation of such a taonga. With this section, I aim to give clarity on my personal process. Keep in mind each moko artist has their own process so they likely differ from mine. I exclusively work from my home and enjoy and prefer to work in a small and intimate environment. My space is also very small, so I only allow 1 or 2 support people to be present whilst you receive your mataora. I understand that most people want to have their whole whanau and sometimes friends, and wider hapū present during the application of their moko, and I want every person receiving moko to have the experience of their dreams. Unfortunately, it means I may not the artist for you, but there are other excellent moko artists who work in this manner.
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